You can't buy happiness, but you can buy shitttyess! Shittty Stufff is your go-to source for offensive, lowbrow, and edgy products. We have 1500+ items from more than 150 shittty artists. We also design and manufacture our own product line of CUSTOM SHITTT!

Shittty Stufff is growing very fast. What started as a hilariously stupid joke, has blossomed into something truly fucked up! You can find our entire catalogue online and in person. We vend at events every month, mostly in Southern California where we're based. Visit our EVENTS PAGE to find a list of upcoming events!

Do you have lowbrow products that fit our shittty theme? Hit us up! suckit@shitttystufff.com

Please don't tell our parents. 

Shittty Stufff is run by PNUS + VGYNA. We are collectors and purveyors of the offensive and weird. We're representing the underrepresented. You can find us slinging stupid shit on the streets of the LA until we die!

This all started with drawing penises inside airplane magazines when we were bored on long flights. Then one day, we uttered those words that most aspiring pin makers probably say, "That would make a good pin." The Cock Ness Monster was born and it all went to shit from there.

We have big SHITTTY plans. We're gonna blow this shit up and we want to do with shitttiest assholes around. Stay tuned! 

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